Strong on Our Own Fearless Together

Join a community of cyclists from all over the world and train to be your best. Follow our six-week program designed by top coaches to get you faster, fitter, and stronger than ever. Oh, and there’s a pro contract for the top finisher.

The Academy

September 1 – October 13

  • ENROLLED2157
  • DAYS LEFT-703


  • Complete 5 group rides with the Zwift Academy community.
  • Complete the Zwift Academy training program in Zwift.
  • Complete 2 races on Zwift.

Join a global community of women cyclists committed to building new fitness and new friendships. Goals are much more fun to chase when we work as a group.

Complete a 6-week training program designed by elite coaches ready to inspire. Enjoy group rides, motivating races and structured workouts for every level.

Great way to challenge yourself and join a fabulous community of women pushing each other to achieve.

Michelle C

Graduate the Academy. Finishers get an exclusive in-game jersey, real world prizes, and a shot at a pro contract with CANYON//SRAM Racing.

The Competition


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